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2014-2016 Catalog 
2014-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Facilities & Services

College Facilities

Stone Ridge Campus

SUNY Ulster is located close to the geographic center of Ulster County, New York, in the historic hamlet of Stone Ridge. The main campus consists of 165 acres of sloping meadowland and apple orchards and offers majestic views of the Catskill Mountains to the west and the Shawangunks to the south.

A map and directions to the College’s main campus can be found at the end of this Catalog.

Groundbreaking for the campus took place on July 21, 1965, and the first four buildings were completed in September of 1967.

On September 23, 1993, the College celebrated its 30th anniversary in a ceremony to dedicate new additions to the campus provided by a $9.8 million renovation and expansion project. The project provided a new Student Life Center, the Science Wing for Hardenbergh Hall, and a Learning Resources Center. This created two landscaped quads on the campus.

September 6, 2001, saw the dedication of new and renovated facilities as the culmination of a $16 million capital program designed to re-engineer the Stone Ridge campus in response to emerging student needs, new teaching technologies, and the educational needs of business and industry. State and county funding sources enabled the College to provide state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and a wide variety of other resources for teaching and learning.

The Algonquin Building

The Algonquin Building is named for the Native Americans who were indigenous inhabitants of the Mid-Hudson Valley. The building consists of 12,624 square feet of space and currently houses classrooms, the Patrik Math Center, the Maintenance Department, Shipping and Receiving, the Switchboard, the Mail and Copy Center, and Central Services and Supplies.

John Burroughs Hall

John Burroughs Hall was named for the naturalist who lived for many years in Ulster County at “Slabsides” in West Park. The building consists of 12,889 square feet of space and currently houses mathematics and science classrooms and offices; Earth science, physics, and biology laboratories; and general classrooms.

The Children’s Center

The Children’s Center, consisting of 4,000 square feet of space, houses the College’s day care operations. Care is provided for children of students, faculty, and staff of the College and, when space is available, for community residents.

George Clinton Hall

George Clinton Hall is named for the first governor of New York State; the nearby city of Kingston served as the first State capital. Clinton Hall, following renovation and expansion completed in 2001, consists of 13,395 square feet of space. It houses the offices of the President, the Dean of Administration, Human Resources, Payroll, Community Relations, and the Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc., as well as the Ulster Savings Bank Community Conference Center and the Howard C. St. John Business Seminar Room.

Jacob Hardenbergh Hall

Hardenbergh Hall honors a resident of Rosendale who became the first president of what was to become Rutgers University. Renovation and expansion added 14,253 square feet to Hardenbergh Hall for use as a new Science Wing in 1993. Total square footage of Hardenbergh is now 32,950 feet. Hardenbergh Hall houses general classrooms and the Departments of Engineering, Environmental Studies, Industrial Technology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Nursing and Emergency Services. Computer, nursing, drafting, and chemistry laboratories are also located in Hardenbergh Hall.

Jacob A. Hasbrouck Hall

Hasbrouck Hall was named for one of the original settlers of Stone Ridge who served in the American Revolution. His family members held various prominent positions, including Treasurer of Ulster County, State Senator, and Member of Congress. Consisting of 37,626 square feet, Hasbrouck Hall houses the Business Department, the Graphics and Printing Department, Public Safety, and the Office of Information Technology, as well as brand-new computer labs, including the open-access learning plaza.

Kelder Conference Center

The Kelder Conference Center is dedicated to S. Robert Kelder, a former member of SUNY Ulster’s Board of Trustees. Kelder, which is located on the edge of the campus, is the oldest building at the College. It was once the residence of the Jacobsen family, previous owners of some of the campus acreage. A modular extension was added to the building in 1988.

Kelder Center for Building Science and Advanced Technologies

Through funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, The Kelder House has been renovated into a state-of-the-art energy efficiency “building science lab house” training facility. Located on the Stone Ridge Campus, it will be used for hands-on energy efficiency training by the Hudson Valley’s five-college Energy Efficiency Training Consortium, which includes Ulster, Dutchess, Weschester, Rockland and Sullivan County Community Colleges.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification courses and field training on air leakage and duct testing will take place in the Kelder Center. This facility will be a valuable resource in training and educating building professionals throughout the region. Beyond energy efficiency, students and seasoned professionals alike will have opportunities to gain experience and expertise in a wide range of sustainable building practices. Many of the trainings will focus on how to improve existing buildings, with special attention to the problems found in older homes, including issues related to high energy usage, moisture damage, improper ventilation, draftiness and poor indoor air quality. Also hosted within the Kelder facility is the Kelder Technology Sustainability Laboratory for Solar Thermal. Solar combi-systems serve as an excellent foundation for student learning, observation and experimentation. The solar thermal installation will not only heat Kelder’s hot water but also help heat the space. Its design is thoroughly visible and perfect for study and assessment. This module features both a pressurized and a drainback system. The pressurized system DC voltage pump will be driven by a PV panel. The instructor can disassemble the systems so that classes can undertake a re-building of both systems and re-commission them for ongoing operation time and again.

Adjacent to the Kelder Building is a 5760 Watt ground-based photovoltaic array. This system consists of photovoltaic panels that were manufactured by Solartech Renewables right here in Kingston, NY. The system also includes New York State manufactured Micro Inverters by Direct Grid. This fully commissioned system which provides solar power to the Kelder Building will be used in the training of both students new to photovoltaics as well as those looking to enhance their skills. On the grounds of Kelder is an off-grid training shed that hosts state-of-the-art 3 kW photovoltaics system using US-manufactured thin film solar modules. This shed is used for hands-on training in an all-exclusive off-grid PV course.

Macdonald DeWitt Library

The College’s Library is dedicated to Macdonald DeWitt, a prominent Kingston attorney, who was a founding member of SUNY Ulster’s Board of Trustees and who did much to further higher education in the County. DeWitt also made substantial philanthropic gifts for the construction of the Library, for scholarship funds, and for the purchase of the residence for the College’s President.

The renovation and expansion projects completed in 2001 included interior renovations. The library now provides a variety of spaces for individual and collaborative study. Current technology and information resources are available to facilitate comprehensive academic research.

Senate Gymnasium

The Senate Gymnasium is named in commemoration of Kingston as the location of the First Constitutional Senate of New York State. The Senate held its first meeting in Kingston in 1777.

The gymnasium, consisting of 32,002 square feet, houses the Physical Education classes, College Health Services and is also home to our athletic teams. The gymnasium can provide event seating for 1,800. Recent interior renovations include the installation of a new gym floor and new bleachers.


Quimby Theater is the venue for student and professional theatrical productions, concerts, dance presentations, poetry readings, guest lectures and other featured events.

Dedicated in 1969 in memory of John C. Quimby, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors of SUNY Ulster at the time of his death, the theater was renovated in 2006 with new seats, lights, curtains and carpets.

John Vanderlyn Hall

John Vanderlyn Hall is named for a 19th century artist who was born in Kingston in 1775 and died there in 1852. Vanderlyn was well known for his historical portraits, including those of six United States presidents. Vanderlyn’s painting of The Landing of Columbus hangs in the rotunda of the United States Capitol.

The renovation and expansion project completed in 1993 added 13,916 square feet to Vanderlyn Hall. Most of the newer space is devoted to the Student Life Center, which includes a dining hall, the bookstore, offices for student organizations, and the Ulster Community College Association. Total square footage for Vanderlyn is now 65,139. The building also houses the offices of the Dean of Academic Affairs; Admissions; Registrar’s Office; Financial Aid Office; Student Accounts Office; Student Services Center; Learning Center; Departments of English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy; Social Sciences, Education, and Human Services; and Art, Communications, Design, Music, and Theater; the 500-seat Quimby Theater; the Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery; College Lounge; and the College’s Business Office.

Interior renovations to the College Lounge and Quimby Theater occurred in 2007 and emerged as part of the Facilities Master Plan created in 2003. New carpet, furniture and audio-visual improvements were part of the Student Lounge renovations. Quimby Theater improvements included a new lighting system and control booth, replacements of the nearly 500 theater seats, new stage curtains, and a new infrared assisted hearing system.

Business Resource Center

The Business Resource Center (BRC), located along Ulster Avenue in Kingston, offers federal, State, and locally- supported economic development services to businesses and individuals at nominal or no charge. The BRC houses a SUNY Ulster-sponsored Small Business Development Center, an office of SCORE Counselors for Small Business, and other economic development organizations. In addition, the Center serves as the College’s main extension site for credit classes and as the headquarters for the College’s Office of Continuing and Professional Education. The Development Center for Business, which is a component of Continuing Education, offers high-quality, affordable employee training at the College’s state-of-the-art facilities or at the worksite.

College Services

Academic Coaching for Educational Success (ACES)

The Mental Health Association in Ulster County sponsors a program on campus for students with psychological disabilities. Counselors help students in the program to manage the College environment successfully by providing support services, which include a pre-semester orientation, disability-related counseling, liaison with campus and community services, assistance with the completion of forms, one-on-one social support, and peer support. Students may refer themselves or be referred by a VESID or mental health counselor or a case manager. For information, call 800: 724-0833, extension 5073, or 845: 687-5073.

Accommodations and Services for Students with Disabilities

SUNY Ulster’s faculty and staff are aware of the needs of those with disabilities. All of the classrooms on the Stone Ridge campus are wheelchair accessible. Elevators throughout the campus offer students access to all levels of the campus. Many of the restrooms on the campus are designed to accommodate those with disabilities. Parking lots on the campus offer preferred parking spaces for vehicles displaying the symbol for the disabled. Campus parking stickers for students with disabilities are issued by Campus Security located in Hasbrouck Hall (first floor). The College will assist eligible students with the process of acquiring textbooks in alternate/accessible formats. Students should request these services early, so the College can make the necessary arrangements.

The College is in communication and works with such outside agencies as Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), the Mental Health Association in Ulster County, Ulster County Mental Health, and the New York State Department of Labor. Furthermore, students with disabilities can apply to participate in the federally funded TRiO/Student Support Services program. TRiO provides individualized academic, career, financial aid and transfer counseling. Students who plan to request academic accommodations should visit or call the Student Support Services Office in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 128), 800: 724-0833, extension 6054, or 845: 688-6054.


After matriculated students, both full- and part-time, have registered for the first time in a program of study, they are assigned an academic advisor. Students should consult with their advisors on career and educational plans, transfer possibilities, and concerns about academic difficulties. During the priority registration period each semester, students should arrange to meet with advisors to plan the next semester’s schedule of classes. Students may find out who their advisor is by asking the secretary of the department in which their program is located, inquiring in the Registrar’s Office, or accessing their student information on

Statement of Responsibility

Students have a responsibility to read and understand College policies, program requirements and important dates and deadlines. Students receiving financial aid must also be aware of the requirements and guidelines which determine eligibility for aid programs and funding. This information can be found in the College catalog. It is also important for students to track their own progress towards graduation. While students should meet with an advisor to select their courses, the ultimate responsibility for selecting courses that fulfill graduation requirements rests solely with the student.


Online and blended courses are available using the Angel platform. Classes are accessed via the portal.


The Bookstore at SUNY Ulster is located in the Student Life Center in Vanderlyn Hall. Textbooks for courses can be purchased or rented at the bookstore in print or digital versions depending on the lifecycle of the title. The campus shop also sells school art and computer supplies, SUNY Ulster clothing and gift items. The bookstore accepts all major credit cards, checks with photo ID, cash and Financial Aid Vouchers. You can find all of this bookstore Information and more, or shop online 24/7 on the bookstore website

Bookstore hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Check our website for extended hours at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester for rental check-in and buyback hours.

Bus Service

Bus service is provided throughout Ulster County to the College. Current bus schedules may be obtained from the Campus Security Office. Prepaid semester bus passes are available, and there is a program for free bus passes for eligible families. Additional information may be obtained by calling Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT) at 845: 340-3333 or checking their website at

Business Resource Center Services

The following services are offered through the Office of Continuing and Professional Education and the College’s Business Resource Center (BRC):

SUNY Ulster’s Main Extension Site

The College’s main extension center is located in the Business Resource Center in Kingston. At that site, the College provides an array of day, late afternoon, evening, and weekend credit classes. The BRC is also the primary training site for SUNY Ulster’s Police Basic Training program and a state-of-the-art firearms training simulator.

Office of Continuing and Professional Education

The Office of Continuing and Professional Education, headquartered at the Business Resource Center in Kingston, offers a variety of noncredit courses throughout the year. These courses are designed for professional development and personal enrichment. Program topics include clean energy technology, energy efficiency, medical administration and medical technologies, and computer training. Many of these programs lead to certification or continuing education units for engineers, architects and other professionals. Topics also include areas such as gardening, dance, fitness, history, studio arts, financial planning, languages, sports, health, and many others. In addition, courses in SAT preparation and ESL are available.

Continuing and Professional Education also provide driving programs, including Defensive Driving, Motorcycle Safety, Five-Hour Prelicensing, Driver’s Education, and Drinking Driver Education, in cooperation with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Courses are conveniently scheduled for days, evenings, and weekends, either at the Stone Ridge Campus or at the Business Resource Center.

Development Center for Business (DCB)

The Development Center for Business (DCB) offers continuing education for business professionals in the areas of management, computer skills, healthcare, office and secretarial skills, and technical topics. Opportunities for licensure and recertification are available for a variety of professions, including home inspection and real estate. Courses are offered throughout the year at the BRC and at the College’s Stone Ridge campus. The DCB has recently added a variety of courses in green and sustainable energy. These include energy efficiency, photovoltaics, wind turbine installation, smart home design, permaculture, and national certification as a sustainable building advisor.

DCB also provides customized employee training programs for area employers. Since 1982, the Center has been a training provider for local businesses, manufacturers, and nonprofit organizations in the areas of human resources, computer, and management training. Programs are designed to meet company-specified needs and are flexible in regard to location and hours.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The award-winning Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides free, confidential consulting services for existing businesses and serious start-up entrepreneurs. The Certified Business Advisors of the SBDC provide this service through funding from the federal government, SUNY Ulster, and other sponsors. In order to provide the best possible, up-to-date advice, an SBDC Business Advisor is required to have advanced academic credentials, business ownership experience as a CEO or in another upper-management position, and to participate in continuing professional development and training. The SBDC serves the Mid-Hudson region from its central office at the Business Resource Center in Kingston and satellite offices in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Loch Sheldrake, New Windsor, Monticello, Stone Ridge, Margaretville, and Montgomery.

Those who wish no-cost assistance with preparation of their business plan, analysis of their business model, research of demographic profiles and trends, development of a marketing strategy, procurement, evaluation of manufacturing or distribution systems and import/export or e-commerce issues, initial patent searches, or location of funding, should contact the SBDC at 845: 339-0025 or

Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute

Although headquartered on the main Stone Ridge campus, the Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute is a component of the Office of Continuing and Professional Education. The Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute assists business and industry in developing programs to reduce worker risk and increase productivity while complying with mandated Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) requirements. The Institute provides consultation and assessment, awareness, and training to clarify mandates and tailors training to specific health and safety needs.

In addition, the Institute houses Ulster County’s Traffic Safety and Injury Prevention Program sponsored through the Traffic Safety Board and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. Educational and informational programs, together with a resource library, are available to community organizations at no cost.

RSVP Volunteer Program

RSVP recruits Ulster County residents age 55 and older and assesses and matches their talents, interests, skills, and experience to one or more of the 55 nonprofit agencies that provide hundreds of volunteer opportunities throughout the community. RSVP promotes the idea of engaging older adults as resources in providing a corps of volunteers willing and able to tackle the most pressing community problems in the areas of economic development, education, environment, health, human services, and safety. An advisory council assists in the overall development of this College-sponsored program. RSVP is funded in part by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Other funding includes NYS OFA, the Ulster County Legislature and Ulster County Tourism.

SCORE Counselors to Small Businesses

SCORE provides confidential and experienced counseling to the prospective business owner, those already in business, nonprofit organizations, and any persons or groups who need business-related information. SCORE, with its experienced entrepreneurs, provides these community services without charge. Business planning is emphasized. SCORE receives its support locally from SUNY Ulster and the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce. SCORE is also known as the volunteer arm of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Workshops developed and conducted by SCORE members are regularly offered to the general public on topics related to business start-up. A fee is charged for the workshops. Speakers generally include experts from the community. SCORE is located at the BRC and is open Wednesday and Thursday mornings and by appointment. A satellite office at the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce, 124 Main Street, New Paltz, is staffed on Tuesday mornings and by appointment.

Senior Computer Learning Center

Senior Computer Learning Center, offers its services at the BRC, and is cosponsored by SUNY Ulster. The organization provides computer and Internet classes for adults age 50 or older, with all classes designed specifically for older adults. Students must join to participate in the classes.

Other Economic Development Services at the BRC

The Ulster County Development Corporation and the Ulster County Office of Employment and Training (formerly the Department of Labor and the Job Training Partnership Administration) also have offices in the Business Resource Center.

Children’s Center

The Children’s Center is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. It serves children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. The Center operates Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is open year round.

The Children’s Center offers an educational preschool and child-care program designed to meet the developmental needs of the children served. Much emphasis is placed on the value of play in learning and socialization opportunities. The caring staff ensures positive experiences for all children within a safe environment.

Because the program has a waiting list, interested parents should sign up for future placement. In order to register, a recent medical examination and immunization record are required. A fee schedule is available at the Center. A limited number of child care block grant tuition subsidies are available for SUNY student parents who are academically and financially eligible. Those who are interested in enrollment should stop in or phone the Children’s Center at 800: 724-0833, extension 5257, or 845: 687-5257.

Community Service

Community Service is recognized as essential to the mission of SUNY Ulster. The College provides cultural, educational, and economic development activities.

SUNY Ulster responds to the needs of its community by providing academic programs, career training, professional development and certification programs to meet educational needs; providing career and lifelong enrichment opportunities through its credit and noncredit courses; providing industry-standard training for businesses through its Development Center for Business and the Mid-Hudson Health and Safety Institute; taking a leadership role in Ulster County’s economic development activities; providing a Business Resource Center at a convenient location on Ulster Avenue in Kingston, an extension center scheduling credit and noncredit courses, business consulting through the College-sponsored Small Business Development Center and Service Corps of Retired Executives, and space for economic development agencies, such as the Ulster County Development Corporation and the Ulster County Workforce Development Center; providing a clean energy technology training resource center for the community; providing programs for high school students such as Early Admissions and the Collegian Program; providing opportunities for community residents to take courses leading to a baccalaureate degree through such programs as Excelsior College and SUNY IT; offering library accessibility to the book and periodical collection, online databases, and other services; presenting a variety of cultural, intellectual and visual and performing arts events for the general public, many of which are admission free; providing space for meetings and other events held by community organizations; and encouraging voluntary service by SUNY Ulster’s faculty and staff members with community organizations and institutions.


All students are provided an e-mail address at accessible from the portal. e-mail is the primary means of college communications. Open computer labs provide access to

Equipment for Student Use

The following equipment is available for student use:

A FAX machine is available in the library, 845: 687-5220. (FAX users are charged as follows: cover page-no charge; first two pages-$2.50; each additional page-$.50. Payment is made at the Student Accounts Office; the receipt must be shown at the Library.)

The Computer Lounge on the second floor of Hasbrouck Hall (HAS 220) on the Stone Ridge campus offers 50 Internet-connected computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is available to all students currently registered for credit classes during the semester. A valid username and password is required to access these computers.

A Computer Lab is available to students currently registered for classes at the Business Resource Center (BRC 204) during the semester. The lab offers 12 Windows computers. Hours are posted at the beginning of each semester and are subject to change.

Loaner laptops are available to be checked out and used within the library. The library has 20 computer workstations for student use and a wireless network is available to students for use with personal laptops.

Escort Service

SUNY Ulster illuminates its parking lots during evening hours until midnight. However, caution should be used when leaving an evening class or event. Those wishing an escort to their cars after dark should contact Campus Public Safety at extension 5221 or 687-5221 or use a blue-light call box; you will be speaking directly to Security. If needed during normal hours, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., call 687-5000 and ask the operator to contact Security to meet you at the location you specify.

Financial Aid

SUNY Ulster has an extensive array of financial aid opportunities available for students. Details of the many different programs are listed in the College Costs & Financial Aid  section of this Catalog.

Food Service

Lessing’s Food Service maintains a full-service cafeteria in the Student Life Center in Vanderlyn Hall with a large variety of foods, including salad bar, homemade soups, grill items, and hot homemade entrees. The cafeteria is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The cafeteria is also open evenings, Monday through Thursday, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Lessing’s also provides light snacks in the Hardenbergh Hall coffee shop. The shop is open Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. In addition, vending machines are located in Vanderlyn Hall, Burroughs Hall, Hardenbergh Hall, Hasbrouck Hall, and the Senate Gymnasium.

Health Services

College Health Services is located in the Senate Gymnasium (SEN 139), 800: 724-0833, extension 5246, or 845: 687-5246. Health services are available to the College community when classes are in session. Any injury sustained on campus should be reported to this office. College Health Services offers first-aid treatment for illnesses and injuries, medical emergency care, blood pressure checks, AIDS information, health counseling, and pamphlets and information on a variety of medical and personal topics. The staff holds all discussions and treatments in strict confidence. A nurse is on duty from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. when classes are in session.

Help Desk

A Central Help Desk is available 24/7 to assist students with college computing problems,, and Angel.


SUNY Ulster does not have on-campus housing facilities. All arrangements for living quarters are the responsibility of the individual student.

I.D. Cards

All students, full- and part-time, are required to obtain student I.D. cards and have them in their possession at all times while on campus. In addition, students are reminded that they are required to present their student I.D. card to any campus security officer or College official upon request. Student I.D. cards can be obtained at the Security Office located at the lobby level of the Hasbrouck Building.


Each full-time and part-time student at the College is insured under a mandatory student accident policy, which is financed by College insurance fees. Additional information and accident insurance forms are available from the College Nurse, Senate Gymnasium 139.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center offers a variety of academic support and resources to encourage all students on their educational and vocational journey. The mission is to empower individuals to become responsible, independent learners. Tutoring and workshops (online or in person), mentoring, academic advisement and coaching, and visits with The Learning Strategies Specialist or ASK Teresa are just some of the services provided to assess, enhance, and improve academic skills. The Learning Center has desktop and laptop computers, all fully loaded with software tutorials to assist students with their homework and online classes. WIFI provides online access for students preferring to use their personal tablets or laptop. Students are encouraged to use the Learning Center space for study group sessions. The Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Holiday and intersession hours are announced and posted. Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 247) 845: 687]5039 or 800: 724]0833, x 5039


The Macdonald DeWitt Library is situated at the geographical center of the Stone Ridge campus. Its rapidly growing resources include books, periodicals, DVDs, online databases, computers, and loaner laptops. The Library is committed to providing access to the constantly increasing amount of information available electronically. To support this commitment, the Library subscribes to a variety of online databases, which include full-text articles, electronic books, streaming video and images. Students can access these subscription resources off-campus via the Library tab on the Portal. The Library is a teaching library that promotes information literacy for students, faculty, and staff. Instruction is offered through credit courses, course-related sessions, and individual guidance in the use of information resources. During the academic semester, the Library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday; and 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Holiday, summer, and intersession hours are announced and posted.

The general public is welcome to use the Library collection. Ulster County residents may obtain a Library card upon request at no charge.

Lost and Found

A lost and found collection is maintained in the Campus Public Safety Office on the Stone Ridge Campus in Hasbrouck Hall, 800: 724-0833, extension 5023, or 845: 687-5023. Articles turned in to Public Safety are retained for 30 days before disposal. Portal is your Student Information Portal. SUNY Ulster uses the portal as its primary means of communicating official college information. You can quickly and easily customize your portal to view the information you want to know. A student tech coordinator is located in the Library for those who require help.

From the portal, students can access e-mail
class schedules
account information
pay bills
unofficial transcripts
financial aid information
campus announcements
library databases
campus events
cafeteria information
student services
scholarship opportunities
course content
student groups
school closings

Parking Permits

All vehicles brought to the Stone Ridge campus on a regular basis must be registered with the Campus Public Safety Office. All student vehicles must have parking permits. Parking permits, including special permits for persons with disabilities and temporary special permits, can be obtained in the Campus Public Safety Office in Hasbrouck Hall. Student vehicles may be parked in parking lots D, E, and F. Student parking spaces are outlined in white paint. Students cannot park in any restricted parking space marked by yellow lines or in visitor lot C during daytime hours. Public Safety must be notified regarding vehicles to be left overnight or for extended periods; otherwise, they will be subject to towing. A brochure detailing the College’s Vehicle & Traffic regulations is also available from the Campus Public Safety Office.

Public Safety

The Campus Public Safety Department patrols the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During peak hours, extra personnel are stationed in areas of high activity. The lighting in the parking lots affords greater visibility at night. Most crimes reported on campus have been of the petty-theft nature. During the past 36 months, there have been no reports of violent crime. Furthermore, there have been no reports of sexual crimes or rape on campus. There have been no reports of hate/bias crimes, which are also reported as a separate category. The College’s crime statistics recorded under the Clery Act are available on our web page and in a hard copy brochure in the Campus Public Safety Office. The Campus Public Safety Office is located in Hasbrouck Hall on the first floor.

Public Safety communicates to the College community using the following methods: publications (College Catalog, Student Handbook, student newspaper), e-mail, College website, College bulletin boards, and the Emergency Building Contact List.

Reaching Independence through Supported Education (RISE)

RISE is a joint effort of SUNY Ulster and the Ulster County Department of Social Services. This program assists qualifying students in successfully completing a college program and acquiring full-time employment. RISE runs an intensive, month-long job readiness and college preparation course for participants before they enroll at the College. The RISE counselors assist with all admissions and financial aid paperwork, and provide students with one-on-one academic and career coaching during their tenure at the College. RISE assists students with time and stress management, note taking, study skills, organizational skills and test preparation. RISE also provides employment strategies, a one-credit course that focuses on professional communications and choosing the right career path. RISE counselors help students in their final semester with searching for jobs, composing resumes and cover letters, and preparing for interviews. RISE students further have access to day care and transportation subsidies. Persons who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and are interested in full-time study leading to employment may be eligible for this program.

Scholarships and Educational Resources

The Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc., provides special enrichment opportunities, including art and cultural programs, speaker series, and technology, to enhance the learning environment.

In addition to the support given to SUNY Ulster, the Foundation awards over $180,000 in scholarships annually. These awards enable students to begin or continue their educations at SUNY Ulster or to further their studies by transferring to four-year schools:

Barbara A. Adams Scholarship
Sherman Adin and Carol E. Adin Scholarship
Phebe Aeberli Memorial Scholarship
John J. Aitken Memorial Scholarship
American Association of University Women Scholarship
American Service Family Scholarship
Walter W. Bartlett Memorial Scholarship
Noreen Baumgarten Memorial Scholarship
Bedell Family Scholarship Fund
Olivia Rose Belfiglio Memorial Scholarship
Louis Berger Memorial Scholarship
Theodore P. Bleffert Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Braby/Blackwell Family Memorial Scholarship
Bert Breitenberger Memorial Award for Excellence in Nursing
Robert T. Brown Scholarship
Joseph P. Budik Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn E. and Joseph E. Burger Memorial & Flossie E. and Ray Davis Memorial Scholarship
Eva and Hugo Carlen Scholarship
Thomas D. and Anne N. Connelly Memorial Scholarship
Continuing and Professional Education Tuition Assistance Award
Eppie Convel and Stan Breite Scholarship
Professor Clay Crisp Memorial Scholarship
Paul J. Croce Memorial Scholarship
Madelyn Cutler Memorial Scholarship
Lucille Clark Cyr Memorial Scholarship
Daughters of the American Revolution;
Wiltwyck Chapter, NS, Dame Margarette Hendricks
VanKeuren & Governor George Clinton Memorial Scholarships
Robert O. Davenport Memorial Scholarship
Tom Davis Memorial Scholarship
Frank Delaney Memorial Scholarship
Macdonald DeWitt Scholarship
Professor Al DiBernardo Scholar-Athlete Award
Sherman Robert Ehrich Memorial Scholarship
Frank G. Elliott Scholarship
Ellucian Company L.P. Scholarship
Endowment for the Preservation of Natural Resources Scholarship
Muriel O. Ferraro Memorial Scholarship
Michael Finnegan Memorial Scholarship
Emery W. Flavin Memorial Scholarship
Follett Higher Education Group Scholarship
Joseph Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Garraghan Family Scholarship
Dominic J. Giamei, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Gertrude Gifford Scholarship
Professor Ann LeFevre Gilchrist Scholarship
Gail Godwin Honorary Award
Louis Greenspan Scholarship for Veterans
Timothy Grenda Memorial Scholarship
Fred and Dale Guerra Memorial Scholarship
Charles Haas Memorial Scholarship
Professor Kenneth Hallam Memorial Scholarship
Lee Herrington Memorial Scholarship
Isis Heslin Alumna Scholarship
Bob Hill Memorial Scholarship
Jerome and Sadie Hirsch Nursing Scholarship
Professor Daniel N. Holleran Memorial Scholarship
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union Scholarship
Coleen Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Hurley Lions Club Scholarship
Steven G. Hyatt Memorial Scholarship
International Education Forum Scholarship
Viola C. Jansen Memorial Scholarship
Bessie G. Johnston Nursing Scholarship
Michael Kandl Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Richard Katims Scholarship
Frederick and Ellen Katt Memorial Scholarship
Kentucky Fried Chicken Scholarship Presented by Darlene Pfeiffer
Key Bank Scholarship
Claire Kidd Rose Memorial Scholarship
Gordon L. Kidd, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Kingston Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship
Kingston Professional Firefighters’ Association: Harry
E. Hornbeck Memorial Scholarship
Jay E. and Lucia de L. Klock Foundation of Kingston Scholarship
Dr. George M. and Shirley J. Krembs Innovation Scholarship
George Krupica Criminal Justice Scholarship
George Krupica Police Academy Award
Professor Keith LaBudde Scholarship
Christus J. Larios Scholarship for the Sciences
Rosemarie LaTourette Women In Business Scholarship
Jack and Marti Lawson Memorial Scholarship
Learning Center Financial Award
Elizabeth and Lloyd LeFever Scholarship
Margaret C. Lewis Scholarship
Cantor Julian Lohre Memorial Scholarship
Nancy Olsen Lynch Collegian Scholarship
Professor Cecelia Macauley Scholarship
The Ron Marquette Writers Scholarship
Milton Marcus Memorial Scholarship
Barbara P. and Edward V. Marrott Scholarship
Freda and Richard Martens Memorial Scholarship
Professor and Mrs. Lawrence Matson Earth Science Scholarship
Professor and Mrs. Harry Matzen History and Medical Scholarship
Patricia L. Maue Scholarship
Barbara A. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
Professor Barbara Maxwell Memorial Nursing Scholarship
McCann-Pezzino Memorial Scholarship
Betty Lou McCauley Memorial Scholarship
James P. Mertes Memorial Scholarship
Mid-Hudson Financial Security Officers’ Association Scholarship
Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union Scholarship
Carl J. Mihm, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
John and Margaret Mikalauskas Mathematics Scholarship
Professor Fredric Misner Mathematics Scholarship
John H. Moehle Memorial Scholarship
Beatrice Moore Scholarship: In Memory of Peter Joseph McGowan
Dr. Erna Moss Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Jacob R. Moss Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Muroff-Kotler Scholarship
Marie and Guido J. Napoletano Family Memorial Scholarship
Gerald “Jay” Neuhoff Memorial Scholarship
The Nursing Dept. Excellence Award
Diane O’Brien-Cooke Memorial Scholarship
Patricia M. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship
Louis and Sophie Offermann Palkowics Memorial Scholarship
Dexter J. Olsen Computer Education Award
Organization of Professional Administrative Personnel Scholarship
Ruth Pacini Satterfield, Veronica Pacini, and Patricia Pacini Honorary Scholarship
John F. Park Memorial Scholarship
Professor Terry L. Parmenter Memorial Scholarship
Gary and Janaki Patrik Mathematics Scholarship
Gary and Janaki Patrik Music Scholarship
Dorothy E. Patton Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Pay It Forward Alumni Scholarship
P.E.O. Chapter BQ Sisterhood Scholarship
Michael J. Perry, Jr. Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Vern and Paula Piantanida Scholarship
Police Chiefs’ Association: Noreen Baumgarten Memorial Scholarship
Police Chiefs’ Association: Jack Lupton Memorial Scholarship
Lynn Quarles Memorial Scholarship
Vincent M. Rabuffo Memorial Scholarship
Alfred and Bella Rehm Memorial Scholarship
Arthur A. Reilly Memorial Scholarship
Elaine Einterz Reiss Award
Marcia and Harry Resnick Scholarship: In Memory of Trudy Resnick Farber
Mildred and Louis Resnick Scholarship: In Memory of Joseph Y. Resnick
Herbert H. Reuner Memorial Scholarship
Sofia P. Reuner Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship
Sofia P. Reuner Theatre Arts Scholarship
Professor Milton L. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
Chief James K. Riggins, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Judith Robins Memorial Scholarship
Helen M. Roedell Memorial Scholarship
Rondout Savings Bank Scholarship
Rosakranse Family Scholarship
Rosendale Police Benevolent Association, Robert “Nippy” Lasher Scholarship
Armand “Larry” Salanitri Memorial Scholarship
Professor Barbara Sartorius Scholarship
The Colonel Harland Sanders Overcoming Obstacles Scholarship
Sawyer Savings Bank Scholarship
Sarah M. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
Professor Joseph K. Schwarz Memorial Scholarship
Frank Sena Memorial Scholarship
Theresa Sena Memorial Scholarship
Senior Computer Learning Center Scholarship
Ashraf Shirazi Memorial Scholarship
Aaron E. and Jane M. Shultis Memorial Scholarship
Joan M. Sinagra Memorial Scholarship
Joseph and Rita Sinagra Nursing Scholarship
Skidmore Ulster County Scouting Award
Ann B. and John C. Smith Scholarship
Professor Richard C. Smith Scholarship
Clarence and Kathleen Spangenberger Memorial Scholarship
Spearman Family Scholarship
Hendrikus and Lena Spijker Memorial Scholarship
Mica J. Stanmyer Memorial Scholarship
Iris Stedener Memorial Scholarship
William F. Steiger Memorial Award
Rabbi Alice Stein and Marla Stein Memorial Scholarship
Professor Derwin H. Stevens Physics Scholarship
Professor Benjamin P. Stormer Memorial Scholarship
SUNY Ulster Nursing Program Graduates Scholarship
Glenn B. Sutherland and Cynthia Lowe Scholarship
Symons Foundation, Inc. Scholarship
Ernest W. and Jean B. Trelawny Scholarship
Harriet Tuchman Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Tulloch Scholarship
Professor Eugene L. and Mrs. Frances C. Turgeon Scholarship
Ulster County Association of Town Superintendents of Highways Scholarship
Ulster County Board of Realtors Scholarship
Ulster County Community College Board of Trustees
Scholarship: In Memory of Wendell D. Harp
Ulster County Community College Faculty Association Scholarship
Ulster County Community College Scholars Program
Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Ulster County School Nurses’ Association Scholarship
Ulster County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, Inc. Scholarship
Ulster Federal Credit Union Scholarship: In Memory of Calvin M. Cunningham
Ulster Garden Club Centennial Scholarship
Ulster-Greene Dental Study Club Scholarship
Ulster Savings Bank Scholarship
United Way Scholarship: In Memory of Richard Fredenberg
Grace E. VanBenschoten Scholarship
Charles A. Vosper Memorial Scholarship
John Warren Memorial Scholarship
Karl & Catherine Weibrecht Memorial Scholarship
Senator Arthur H. Wicks Scholarship
Sandra J. Wilczek Empowerment Scholarship
Williams Self-Reliance Scholarship
Matthew A. Wolff Memorial Scholarship
Women’s Club of Rosendale Scholarship
Todd Wonderly Memorial Scholarship
Lee Wood Memorial Scholarship
Evelyn Wright Scholarship
Karen Zentner Memorial Scholarship
Kevin E. Zimmerman Memorial Music Scholarship
Zonta Club of Kingston Scholarship

Scholarship applications for returning and transferring students will be available the first day of the spring semester each year. The deadline for returning and transferring scholarship applications is the second Friday in February. Entering students should contact the SUNY Ulster Admissions Office at 845:687-5022 to find out how to apply for entering scholarships. Scholarship opportunities are also publicized in the “Scholarship Deadline” channel in

For more information about scholarships, contact the Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc. in Clinton Hall (CLI 208), 800: 724-0833, extension 5293, or 845: 687-5293, or check the College website

Student Development Center

Students at SUNY Ulster have available to them a wide range of personal, academic, transfer, and career counseling offered free of charge by the College. Students can find most of these services in the Student Services Center, located in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 119). The Center features professional, friendly counselors who have as their mission making each student’s stay at SUNY Ulster both educationally and personally enriching.

Student Advocate

The Associate Dean of Student Services, located in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 243), coordinates many of the College’s student services. This Dean and the Student Services Center staff serve, among other responsibilities, as advocates for the student. Whether the student is experiencing difficulty with an academic matter or a personal problem, the Student Services staff offers expert assistance or quickly directs the student to the office that can offer that assistance. If the student is uncertain where to go for assistance, he or she should ask for direction in the Student Services Center.

Career Services

Career Services, located on the Stone Ridge campus (VAN 119), provides assistance to students and community residents in making informed career decisions and in conducting a job search. A comprehensive computerized career guidance program (Choices), and other current career information are used to help individuals identify their unique qualities and research career options. Individuals seeking employment can receive assistance with writing job search letters, practicing interview skills, and searching for job opportunities. The office may be reached by phone at 845: 687-5041. Current students interested in working part time on campus as student aides should contact 845: 687-5041 (VAN 119) to complete a student employment application.

Recommendation Files

Letters of recommendation may be kept on file at the College. At the student’s request, recommendations will be sent to employers or colleges, free of charge. Additional information is available in the Student Services Center.

Transfer Counseling

The Transfer Office, located in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 119), provides students with information about four-year colleges and universities in New York State and across the nation. Transfer procedures, program information, resource books, and application assistance are available for the student who plans to transfer. Each year the Center sponsors Transfer Days to give the student direct communication with representatives from four-year schools. Communication with colleges or universities unable to visit SUNY Ulster is planned on an individual basis. Furthermore, the College has arranged many articulation and transfer agreements with four-year schools throughout the United States. The Center also offers transfer seminars and individual counseling.

Students who are interested in exploring transfer to a four-year college or university are urged to visit the Transfer Office early in their stay at SUNY Ulster. Further information on transfer from SUNY Ulster and on specific articulation and transfer agreements may be found here and on the College website at

Student Support Services

The SUNY Ulster TRIO: Student Support Services is 100% federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This program strives to promote academic success of students who meet federal eligibility requirements and who elect to participate. The goal of the program is to increase the retention, graduation, and transfer rates of students who are low-income, first-generation college students and of students with disabilities.

Students who participate in the program have available to them several types of assistance, including academic, personal, transfer, and financial aid counseling. In addition, a variety of workshops or field trips to promote student success are offered every year. These include transfer workshops, and trips to a number of four-year colleges to assist with the transfer process. Students who need tutoring are referred to the Assistant Director of Academic Support Services.

Student Support Services’ participants who receive the Pell Grant may also be eligible to receive the SSS Supplemental Grant. These funds are awarded to students who meet specific eligibility and participation criteria.

Students who are interested in participating in the Student Support Services Program are invited to visit the office located in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 128) or to call 800-724-0833, extension 6054, or 845-688-6054 or 687-5131.

The Peer Tutor Program

The Peer Tutor Program provides one-on-one or small group tutoring by subject. Peer tutors are students recommended by the faculty and hired by the Learning Center. Peer tutors have demonstrated an understanding of the course material and are willing to share their successful study strategies. Peer tutors are required to take the one-credit Tutor Training Seminar. Hours for tutoring are arranged by appointment. Students may request a peer tutor through the Learning Center. For more information, contact 800: 724-0833, extension 5039, or 845: 687-5039.

The Gary and Janaki Patrik Math Center

The Gary and Janaki Patrik Math Center (formerly Times2) is where students can improve basic math skills. Peer and professional math tutors are available to help students understand and apply mathematical concepts in courses ranging from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. Students can be tutored in any math course in which they are enrolled at SUNY Ulster. There is a variety of supplementary materials; however, students should bring all appropriate textbooks and class notes. Students are accommodated on a drop-in basis. Hours are announced and posted at the beginning of each semester. The math center is located in the Algonquin Building, Room 122, and the phone number is 845-687-5229.

Numbers at Night is an online math tutoring program through STAR-NY (Sharing Technology and Academic Resources) which is part of a consortium of colleges in the SUNY system. The math tutors are available online Sunday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to midnight during the fall and spring semesters only. For more information, call The Learning Center at 845]687]5039 or email

Veterans Affairs Financial Aid

SUNY Ulster has an extensive array of financial aid opportunities available for students. Details of the many different programs are listed in the College Costs & Financial Aid  section of this Catalog.

Students eligible for federal veterans educational benefits should contact the Veterans Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office for applications and information about the Veterans Deferral Program. For eligibility questions and receipt of benefits, contact the Veterans Administration at 1-888-442-4551 or visit their website at Questions regarding National Guard benefits should be directed to the Student Accounts Office.

Wireless Access

Wireless access for registered credit students is found in various locations across campus including the Cafeteria, Library, HAS 220, the Nursing Café, Student Development, College Lounge, Clinton Lobby and throughout the BRC. A valid username and password is required to register a wireless device on any SUNY Ulster wireless network.

The Writing Center

Professional writing tutors are available to assist students with writing assignments. Assignments may come from any discipline in the College, not just English courses. The tutors give suggestions on grammar and syntax, as well as organization and content. Students are accommodated on a drop-in basis or by appointment. To help tutors understand an assignment, students should bring as much information as possible about the assignment. The Writing Center is located in the MacDonald DeWitt Library, Room 110. The hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Hours are announced and posted at the beginning of each semester. The phone number is 845-687-1927.