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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Information

Before each semester, a schedule of specific course offerings is printed and distributed on campus and made available on the College website.

Courses are identified by an alpha‐numeric code consisting of three letters and three numbers preceding the course title. The three letters identify the subject field or program (ACC=Accounting). The three numbers generally indicate course level, with courses below the 100 level indicating preparatory courses, 100‐level courses usually indicating freshman‐year courses, and 200‐level courses usually indicating sophomore‐year courses. Course designations separated by a hyphen indicate that the first course must be satisfactorily completed before the second course is taken.

The course descriptions that follow are in alphabetical order by subject field; thus, the three‐letter abbreviated code may not be in alphabetical order. For example, ESC precedes ECO because Earth Science alphabetically precedes Economics.

The value of credit hours granted for the course in terms of lecture and/or laboratory hours appears on the same line as the course title. If the course contains a laboratory component, that is indicated at the end of the course description.

Prerequisites and corequisites are intended to ensure that students have sufficient preparation before enrolling in a course or while taking the course. They are indicated at the end of the course description.

The College reserves the right to limit the number of students registered in any course; to cancel courses for which there is insufficient enrollment; or to make changes in prerequisites and corequisites, course descriptions, General Education fulfillment designations, credit allocations, or scheduling as may be necessary for the proper and efficient functioning of the College.